Camp Services Toughnecks

First Cook

First Cooks oversee all facets of camp operations. First Cooks are responsible for food preparation and providing quality meals including desserts. They also ensure the cleanliness of camp and promote a safe working environment. First Cooks lead a small team of camp staff that may including: Second Cooks, Camp Attendants and Night Cooks. Other duties include ongoing client and customer relations, completing meal records, grocery ordering, conducting on-site safety meetings, unloading grocery shipments and completion of other paper work. Safety is the top priority of all Camp + Catering personnel.

Second Cook

The Second Cook is primarily responsible to assist in meal preparation – making salads, peeling potatoes, cutting carrots and onions etc. They also help maintain a clean, well organized and safe kitchen environment. The Second Cook is responsible for cleaning all dishes and cooking utensils, ensuring a clean and well organized dining area and maintaining food storage and handling equipment. Other duties include organizing and storing inventories, unloading grocery shipments and stocking refrigerators and freezers. Safety is the top priority of all Camp + Catering personnel.

Camp Attendant

The Camp Attendant is primarily responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of all bedrooms, washrooms, common areas and hallways of the camp. Duties include: washing floors, washing windows, linen change and vacuuming. Camp Attendants also ensure that garbage and waste is removed from the kitchen and living area on a daily basis and that inventory levels of towels, bedding and cleaning supplies are maintained at adequate levels. Other duties include unloading grocery shipments and shoveling of snow. Safety is the top priority of all Camp + Catering personnel.